Monday 4 March 2013

Irish Preview: Oz the Great and Powerful

My sister scored some tickets to a preview of Oz The Great And Powerful (it's not released in Ireland for nearly another week!). Although it was very early for a Sunday we arrived by 10am to the Odeon at the Point Village. It was my first time attending this particular cinema so I was curious as to what it would be like (it's quite new and fancy!). Oz tells the story of how the Wizard of Oz first came to be king of the Emerald City and also how his actions caused Theadora to become such a wicked witch. 

This is me in the Gibson Hotel beforehand, look how glossy and snazzy the tickets were!!

Upon arrival we walked the Yellow Brick Road in the foyer where it had been made to look like Oz with huge posters, trees, plants and even a smoke machine! Here a photographer took our photo. This is myself and my two older sisters.

I really loved the film. I had seen a trailer for it in 3d when I went to see The Hobbit so I was very excited when Amy rang to say she had tickets for it. I thought that Michelle Williams played Glynda so well and looked beautiful throughout (When does she ever not?!). Mila Kunis played Theadora in some lovely tight, leather pants (I thought this was meant to be a kid's movie?!) however I never really grew to like her character. I found her to be quite dopey at the start and her character was never really developed as she became evil throughout the movie (I understand this as the film was written around the character of the wizard).

James Franco gave a good impression of the wizard, I expected him to go through a rite of passage from an illusionist to a full-blown conjurer  however this never happened. Throughout the film from start to finish he was a conman and an unlikeably one at that. I suppose this could be a factor as to why critics have slated his performance so much- He played an unexpectedly mean character!

Above you can see me doing my best munchkin impression. I look about 12, right?! Below is one of my favorite pictures of Amy beside a 'Welcome to Oz' signpost :)

We were also given custom 'Oz' 3-d glasses!

There were some token 'celebrities' present of course such as Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh and Cathal Gaffney of Brown Bag Films. 

The only disappointment of the morning was the packet of Yorkie Man-size Buttons that Enid bought. We all agreed that the Nestle chocolate just isn't nice when it's not in 'chunks' ala Yorkie bar. And also there wasn't many buttons actually in the packet!

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