Wednesday 13 March 2013

The 'All Occasions' Dress

I bought this LBD from Coast in BT2 in 2007 (Well, my mother bought it for me- But I picked it out I swear!) I bought it for my 'Debutante Ball' from school which was in September 2007. I think it cost around 100euro which seemed like a lot of money then but now for me 100euro doesn't even seem expensive for Coast?! I never even go into that shop any more because the dresses cost so much...
I quite love the way I had my hair back when I was 18!!

Myself on the left with my twin sister on the way to my debs
Another shot of my debs dress
A few weeks later I got the wear the dress again. This time I was in Las Vegas for my sister's wedding. (It was really classy I swear, when I tell people my sisters like to get married in Vegas they presume we're white trash!). I think this dress was perfect for the occasion. 

These are the only pictures I have and they don't even show the dress!!

Now, five years later I dug out the dress once more! This time I needed a dress for a dinner dance which was taking place after the 2013 swimming inter-varsities. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't fit into it- It was a bit tight but it fits! I think tattoos that I recently acquired give the dress a whole new vibe, it was dressy but definitely still had 'Katie's style' written all over it.

I'm probably going to wear this little black dress again on  a few more occasions- It's timeless!

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