Monday 4 March 2013

My New Top Shop Dress

I bought this dress for a night out with the nerds from college. It was 42euro but it was slightly damaged so I got it for 37euro!  (It wasn't actually damaged, there was just a few loose  threads that I easily cut away). 

The description on the internet said that it has peplums (which I normally hate) but I wouldn't really call those ruffles peplums?? I really loved the coral colour and I liked how it showed off enough skin to be fun but was still classy and ladylike. I wore it with ankle boots. The one problem was that I was worried the chiffon would tear easily if I got caught it on anything. 

It was from the Wal G brand stocked in Top Shop which I would generally describe as 'casual nighttime'.  

We went to Capitol first for some cocktails and then on to Dicey's Garden where I had the most amazing burger from the bbq there at around 2am!! I had gotten my make up done earlier at the Bobbi Brown concession stand in Brown Thomas which I was really happy with. 


  1. Everything tastes amazing at 2am!!!

  2. Very nice. So nice that they should pay youuuuuuuu to wear it! Hee hee :-)

  3. cute! But i wanna see the makeup


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