Monday 18 March 2013

Eddie Rockets: Burger in a Bowl

 A few of the nerds and I decided to treat ourselves for lunch last week and we dashed to Eddie Rockets on Wexford Street (Camden Street?) during our hour off. I decided to go for the burger in a bowl for the first time. This item was added to the menu quit long ago, maybe a few years, but I've never been tempted to order it until now. It is meant to be for people on the Atkins diet or other lo-carb diets such as the Dukan diet. It's low carbohydrate because it comes without a bun and all the sauces are served on the side.

I know what you're thinking: If you wanted it to be like a salad, why not just order a salad? Well, the answer is that salads in Eddie Rockets are not part of the €10 combo deal! Only burgers are! So it's expensive to get salads in Eddie's. I'm a scabby student, I have to always be thinking of ways to get what I want for less dollar!! 

Some of the benefits of a burger in a bowl:
  1. The portion of 'Eddie's Secret Sauce' served was much larger than normally comes on a burger in a bun. The secret sauce is the best part! Yum!
  2. This menu item is also served with a vinaigrette kind of salad dressing which doesn't come with the burger at all: Free extras!!!
  3. The burger in a bun is so much easier to eat than a burger in a bun. Eddie's burgers are renowned for being messy to eat. There are signs on the ways telling you how to eat them (Leave them in the bag and apply slight pressure to the edges) yet no matter how hard I try it always leaks meaning I lose all the goodies packed into the burger and I'm left with a saucy mess. With a burger I ate it with a knife and fork: No mess and no leakage!
  4. It tastes healthier than a burger in a bun! I know it's actually not but the placebo effect is great and when I'm eating lettuce I feel healthy regardless of whether that lettuce is drowned in calorific, artery-blocking sauces and dressings :) . There was a lot more lettuce served with the burger in a bowl than the burger in a bun. 

Combo Deal: €10.50 for fries, soda and a burger in a  bowl.

I will be ordering this again! I still haven't won any vouchers for Eddie's from their instagram competitions. Mr Rockets, if you're reading this here is my instagram, give me free food please:


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