Monday 11 March 2013

Hair Chalking: My Review

I saw this hair chalk kit when I was browsing the accessories section of Penneys (Primark) on O'Connell street and seeing as I've really loved all the pictures I've seen so far of hair chalk, I decided to purchase it and try it out.

Hair Chalk In Packaging

Hair Chalk Kit!

Well, here's what my hair looked like before I started. The lighting is quite bad in my room so, apologies.

Ignore my frizzy ends- It's about the colour!

The chalk applicator should have made it easy to apply. I suppose it meant I didn't have to hold the chalk in between my fingers.
I found that it was very difficult to get the chalk to actually apply itself to my hair. After only a short whiles the chalk turned very waxy and then no more chalk would move onto my hair.
 The purple chalk was barely noticeable in my hair so I decided to try the hot pink one in case that made a difference. It was even worse- It turned waxy after maybe one or two strokes and even when I scraped the chalk with my fingernail barely any came off. No joke, this is the end result:

 I took a picture with my flash set to the brightest and then I actually was able to see some chalk so I decided to go to the bathroom where the light is much brighter to see if I could see anything then...

 I couldn't...

My verdict? 
A big thumbs down!!

There are two reasons as to why my escapades with hair chalk were such a complete disaster:

  1. My hair is brown. All of the pictures that I've seen of hair chalking have been blondes. Actually, they normally have white-blonde hair. I'm a brunette, it just straight up might never show on dark hair.
  2. I bought cheap chalk! Well, I wouldn't call 5euro for two pieces of chalk cheap but this is "hair chalk", lol, so of course it's going to be expensive. Maybe when I'm rich I shall try out a more expensive set (I think it's around 16euro in TopShop?) and that might make it more noticeable!


  1. I bought that hair chalk too. Im blonde, I thought the colour was poor in my hair also, the applicator thing was a night mare to use as I could hear it snapping on my hair so I decided to use the chalk with my hand, way better control, wetting my hair made the chalk apply much easier, but none the less I shall not be using it again!

  2. I also bought this hairchalk, my hair is dirty blonde with very blonde ends from my old highlights so I thought I'd give it a go. You can see what it looks like on my hair on my blog the ends of my hair feel really bad now, and the ends were all snapping off as I was chalking. I'm just waiting for some pink dye that I ordered from Amazon which I will dip dye the ends properly with.

  3. Try using Urban Outfitter's hair chalk line. I guess, it'll work better on your hair than this one. I've used it a couple of times lately and it rocks!

  4. If you've darker hair, it's suggested you have wet hair when applying so the colour actually shows up. You're also meant to twist your hair when putting it on in downward stroke, then straighten it and spray it with hairspray. Maybe give it a go like this and see if there's different results?

    Must say, I haven't seen it in Penney's, I may keep an eye out, thanks for the heads up. =)


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