Thursday 21 March 2013

Cannibalism, Cancer and Chemotherapy (Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute)

I went to a talk last night in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute. The title was "Cannibalism, Cancer and Chemotherapy". This was quite a misleading title- And the speaker admitted to this first thing, it was a catchy  headline in an attempt to get a larger audience to attend. 

It was quite in-depth and some of it went over my head. It was hard, for example, to keep track of all the oncogenes he was mention (I have a degree in Biology but the only cancers I ever studied was breast cancer so I wasn't familiar with most of the genes he was working on). It was so  nice for once to sit in a lecture where I was actually interested and learning something.

It really made me miss doing science in college. I'm currently not really enjoying my Msc in software technology. It's above my ability level and the I don't find the lectures consuming whatsoever. I'm also slightly clashing with one of my lecturers so I'm admittedly not enjoying myself.

I'm crossing off the days until I finish my course. After today I have two weeks of lectures for mid-term and once I'm back I have four academic weeks left. That's 16 days of lectures. The sooner its over the better.  

On y more positive note: It's Thursday which can mean only one thing- Three hours of 2 for 1 cocktails in Capitol Bar!

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  1. And once all your academia is all over we are off to Key West!!!!

    We'll be having Free for 1 cocktails in Katie & Amy's bar then! :-)



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