Monday 18 March 2013

DIY: Restoring Amy's bar sign!

Amy has a really nice tiki bar thing in her games room and she has it decorated with metal signs and number plates, that kind of thing. One of the signs is getting a bit old and worn which makes it look cool apart from one thing: The writing is wearing away. It's fine if you know what it's meant to say but it can be a bit unnerving if you casually glance at it and see "Shoes! Shirts! Bras! Panties!" ...What?

While we were sitting having drinks yesterday Amy decided to bite the bullet, grab a permanent marker and renew her sign! I thought it was good to restore it now while there was still faint text left for her to copy, otherwise you'd be stuck trying to draw new letters and struggling to do the font right!

Amy fixing her sign!

I think the ending result was a huge success. The sign looks great and the new text blends in with the old perfectly! I think after a period of time it will look even better.

Shoes and shirts required- Bras and panties optional!

For comparison: 
Left: Before!               -              Right: After!

Here's Amy posing at her newly revamped bar! Check out her hideous St Patrick's Day tights!

The bar is now open, who wants a high-ball?! 


  1. I like the Before and After photo! Thanks for documenting this little DIY job :-)

  2. Great repair job! Looks as good as new.


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