Sunday 6 May 2012

♡ Electra Heart ♡

I absolutely LOVE Marina and the Diamonds new album! It's called Electra Heart and it's so camp and pop, it's brilliant! My favorite tracks from it at the moment are Starring Role and HomeWrecker. I love her voice, it's opratic.

Here's an acoustic version of Homewrecker:

I also watched a few videos on youtube of her commenting on the album. She explains how the main reason she started writing songs is for the lyrics. On this alum she collaborated with some well know producers and music writers which allowed her to concentrate on her skills as a lyricist (Which are exquisite by the way!). I really think this paid off :)

Here's my cover of the first single off the album 'Primadonna Girl'. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent!

    Your link is not working though - I had to search on YouTube for you


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