Wednesday 30 May 2012

Fun Things To Do During The Summer

I finally finished my exams! Phew, I had 7 exams in 9 days- It felt like it lasted forever! Now that they are finished I have three and a half long empty months to go until I start my Msc in DIT in September.

Here's a list (Which may get updated) of what I plan to do this Summer 2012:

1) Get Ripped

I love girl abs. This summer I plan on achieving girl abs. I shall be doing this through a combination of healthy eating and constant exercise. My diet shall be high protein (not too low-carb). I shall be swimming an playing water polo twice a week. On top of this I shall aim to go to the gym at least twice a week to lift weights. I will also be doing planks every night to work up my abductor muscles (although the main thing I need to do is lower my body fat)

2) Compete in a Triathlon

I'm not too sure about this one! I can obviously do the swim part and I can do the cycle- Although not that fast. The problem is I struggle to run more than 2km. I run like a girl. This one  is a 'maybe'!

3) Go Abroad

I really need to get out of Ireland. I love travelling. I will go ANYWHERE! At the moment I'm looking at inter-railing or some sort of volunteering in Africa or South America with my sister. Unfortunately she isn't as enthusiastic about our impending voyage so I'm not really sure how it will pan out. Watch this space!

4) Write A Song

This one is the hardest of my plans. I find it really hard to write songs. I can sit at the piano and improvise for hours on end but I really want to write a pop song, with cool lyrics. That's my downfall: lyrics. Plus I've nothing to write about! Maybe I need to get my heart broken so I can be inspired!

5) Read (At least) Five Books

And proper books too! No trash! (Although I am tempted to read 50 Shades of Grey, ha. ever since Ellen Degeneres did her skit about it!)

I'm almost finished The Reluctant Fundamentalist so but I'm not counting that as one of my 5. I must put together a reading list asap and start ticking them off!

So those are my Summer plans. Wish me luck!

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