Sunday 15 April 2012

Two Things I Found Interesting

I hadn't been in Dublin in a long time (One of the downsides of going to college in Maynooth) so it was great to be able to spend the day in town on Wednesday. I got myself a new cover for my BB (which is actually malfunctioning as I have to remove it to fit my charger in :/ ) and some longer hair extensions. I had lunch with Sara in Costa coffee too. We actually had to leave there because there was a couple across from us who took the level possible PDAs to a whole new dimension!

I saw these heads in Georges Street Arcade in a shop selling hats and shades. This was just after I was almost bullied into buying a Lil Wayne tee-shirt by an old man who owned the previous stall! I thought this photo was funny because I'm not sure what that head on the top right is supposed to be modelling?!

This was a cute sign I found at the restaurant inside the Powerscourt shopping centre. I'd set all my children loose and free in this café if I knew I'd be guaranteed they'd come home with kittens!!

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