Friday 6 April 2012

SophistiKatie was already taken...


I'm Katie and I'm a student from Dublin. I've always wanted a blog but could never think of a subject. Generally for a successful blog, good materiel is required and I never thought I'd be imaginative enough. However, after seeing the quite fortuitous attempts at web logging I have been inspired to begin my own. Actually, check out my sister Enid's blog at and Amy's blog at

This blog is nothing special, I'm not expecting many people outside my family or close circle of friends to read it but that doesn't mean this blog is not a beautiful and unique snowflake! Basically I'm going to be documenting events in my day to day life and ideas that I sometimes have in my head which would normally go unheard by anyone except for me. I plan on making it my baby though, and I shall make it pretty and fun I promise :)

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