Friday 14 December 2012

L'Oréal Wild Ombrés

I saw an ad for this product on television this week and thought to myself- It's been a while since I've update my hair colour! So I bought a box today and got my look this evening!

I got the middle one (No.2) for dark blonde to medium brown hair. 

The pack is easy to use, it even comes with a plastic brush and you do literally just brush the dye onto your hair. I left mine on for the full 45 minutes and it came out a lovely honey colour.

I really like how it turned out! It's particularly nice with the few curls running through it- It reminds me of how Lauren Conrad always had her hair on The Hills!

This is how it looks as a whole now- Kind of. The top of my hair had been clipped away so I can't show it because it was soooo kinky! Now all that's left to do is to get my fringe fixed- I cut it with a blunt scissors today :( Huge mistake. If anyone has a sharp, hairdressing scissors, send them my way!

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love.       Katie.

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