Friday 14 December 2012

Hashtag: NailArt!

It's been so long since I've updated my blog! It's hard to find the time when I've so much college work to do- Procrastination involve aimlessly surfing the web, not having to come up with post ideas and having to think about formulating proper English sentences on here!

As my comeback blog I'm going to be posting about one of my favorite things: Nails! I love having my nails looking pretty, it changes a whole outfit when you've got your nails did. I routinely post my nails on Twitter (and lately on Instagram) but now I'm going to consolidate them into one post! Starting from latest (Because they are the nicest nails and also best quality pictures- My BB died so I got the Samsung Galaxy S3, lol!).

These are the ones I am currently wearing. I like to think that the
 little bows are like bowties- They remind me of penguins!

I wore these during the week. I love how each nail has a different pattern. 
They were all some sort of pink except for my ring fingers which were 
silver leopard print- I like to make a statement and have this finger 
different from the others!

I got these cute little ones from Claire's Accessories. At 8euro something they were
a bit more than I usually pay for falsies. I got them free because there was a special on
Hello Kitty items, 3 for the price of 2 (I got a bag for myself and also a bag for my sister).
Thank god they were free because they were the worst quality nails ever. They were 
supposedly self-adhesive but the adhesion was so bad I ended up having to use my glue
on them anyway. They didn't go on right, they hovered above my nail rather than adhering 
to it and looking natural. They also split and broke extremely easy. I really wouldn't recommend
these nails- Even if they are sugar sweet!

These are cute ones from Pennies. I recommend  applying a coat
of clear nail varnish immediately after you apply these as the colour
can rub off pretty quickly otherwise.

These are also from Pennies. They weren't printed properly, some had edges
where the pattern didn't reach- But I remedied this by filling in the gaps myself
with a permanent marker and then clear varnishing over.

When you run out of enough spare of one pattern you can mix and match and use up all the nails that come in the pack :)

This was one of my attempts at nail art on my natural nails. Not the 
best but for someone with as little arty farty talent as me they are unreal!! 
 I got this effect using sellotape (scotch tape).

I bought these to wear to the Lady Gaga concert I went to in September
 however when I opened the box to apply them the box had been tampered 
with and contained no glue! I didn't have any at home either so had to go 
au natural that night! I exchanged them and wore them at a later point instead. 

Can't go wrong with a classic French nail. I love these.

Another attempt at natural nails. Pretty boring if you ask me!

So there you have it! A few months past history of my nails :) I shall post more often from now on!!

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love.                   Katie

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