Sunday, 30 December 2012

Latest: Hello Kitty Haul!

I love Hello Kitty!! Here's a few Hello Kitty items which I have recently added to my collection:

Firstly, my two new bags. On the right is one I got in Claire's Acessories. It was 42euro reduced to 15euro! I couldn't resist! I also bought a nice one for my sister, I'll see if I can get a picture of that one too. The bag on the left was a gift from Santa Claus, It's an overnight bag and fits lots of stuff inside it! I'm going to use it for going to the gym- No more silly backpacks for this kitty cat!

The following items were all received courtesy of Santa as well: How cute is this Hello Kitty umbrella?! It's really good quality also which I'm really pleased about. There's nothing worse than umbrellas that turn inside out!!
I love how all these are all matching with the same pattern! Here I have a beautiful box filled with pencils, an contact book and a pencil case. I needed a pencil case, I'm constantly losing my pens in college!

And finally, this is the cute little cover for my Samsung GS3 :) I looove it! I got it on Ebay from China, It was lovely and cheap but it did take nearly three weeks to arrive.

Jealous much?! I just love Hello Kitty, I don't care if I'm ten years too old for it, I'm going to keep adding to my collection!

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love,
Katie x


  1. Darling Kitty Cat, you know there is no such thing as Santa Claus don't you?!

  2. I might be more-than-10-years too old for it, too. Tsk. Nobody is too old for HK.


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