Monday 25 June 2012

Atkins Friendly Snack!

I'm going to Ibiza next week so I've finally decided to try get into bikini shape! Probably too little, too late, but its better than nothing! So, for the next seven days I shall be eating considerably low carb and exercising like a mofo!

I want to share what I had tonight! Jalapeño peppers wrapped in bacon and fried in oil and pepper- Low carbohydrate 'Jalapeño Poppers'! Wow, they tasted so amazing and contained only 3grams of carbohydrate (not sure what the net carbohydrate is).

(Taken with my Blackberry, sorry for the awful quality)

Really I should have grilled them or baked them but I was feeling lazy. I also used canned, chopped jalapeños. The best thing would to buy fresh jalapeños, they would add more of a crunch to the snack. They would also taste better using American bacon rather than Irish rashers- But where in Dublin can I buy crispy American bacon?!

Basically all I did was place a few chopped jalapeños on one end of a slice of bacon and then rolled the bacon around them. I carefully placed the rolled bacon onto a pan of oil and fried them. The bacon seals itself in that shape and doesn't unravel itself :)

I shall definitely be making these again- And pretty soon I'd say! YUM!

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