Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscars 2013: My Best and Worst Dressed

The 2013 Oscars awards was on last night. I didn't get to watch it but this morning the first thing I did was check up on all the dresses worn. This year I think everyone played it quite safe. There were no dresses that made me say "Wow!" whether for positive or negative reasons. All dresses were quite average so it was quite hard for me to pick out my favourites and least favourites but here are my 5 best dresses celebrities and 5 worst dressed:

Best Dressed 
(Only 4 'cos no other ones really stood out for me!)

4. I thought Amy Adams looked really nice in this Swan Lake-esque gown. It's not something I'd wear but she looks good!

3. Jessica Chastain kept it really classy. This dress is very safe but very classic. I think she looks like Jessica Rabbit!

2. I really like this dress. It really enhances Anne Hathaway's figure and I love the cut out sides, they make a quite bland dress edgy.

1. This was my favourite dress of the night on Jennifer Lawrence (Although she did trip up and fall in it!). I think she looks radiant.

Worst Dressed

5) Not only does this dress make Jennifer Garner's tummy look pregnant but the ruffles at the back completely hide her bum. She looks like a beanpole in this except for her stomach- Not attractive!

4) I'm normally a cheerleader for Kristen Stewart, I think she's really cool! But this dress doesn't flatter her whatsoever. It makes her waist look fat which it certainly isn't. I also have a problem with the fact that the dress just doesn't seem to suit her personality! Bring back pre-affair Kristen!

3) This is a disaster on so many levels. I suppose the dress isn't too awful but I think Adele looks atrocious here. Has she mot managed to lose any of the baby weight yet? Was there nothing else she could find to flatter her figure a bit better? Oh well, atleast it wasn't as bad as the curtains-dress that she wore to the Grammy's! 

2) I can't really pinpoint what I don't like about this dress- So
 I'm going to go with EVERYTHING! It reminds me of this: 

5) Surprise, surprise. I can't actually remember the last time I saw Helena Bonham Carter in a dress that I actually liked. She has become a regular in the worst dress articles. Better luck next time!

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